Westmoreland County

Montross, VA

Electoral Board Meetings

Boards and Commissions

Boards and commissions act and advise the Board of Supervisors on land use and other matters that affect our environs and quality of life. The Board of Supervisors appoints members to the Planning Commission and the Wetlands Board. The Westmoreland County Circuit Court appoints members to the Board of Zoning Appeals upon recommendation from the Board of Supervisors.

Boards and commissions meet in the auditorium of the George D. English, Sr. Memorial Building, located at 111 Polk Street in Montross, VA. Meetings are open to the public and you are most welcome to attend and participate.

Planning Commission (Meeting Calendar)

Planning Commission meets the first Monday of each month at 1:30 pm; work sessions are held on the fourth Monday of each month at 3 pm

Contact the Planning Commission

The Planning Commission makes recommendations on policies and regulations that affect land use and community development. In addition to preparing the Comprehensive Plan every five years, it reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Supervisors about rezoning applications, special use permits and special exceptions. It prepares and recommends amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance and Capital Improvement Plan. And it holds public hearings on these issues so you can express your support, ask questions or offer your good ideas about how to make things better in your own backyard.

District 1 Elwood Carey 804-493-0530
District 2 John Felt 804-493-0787
District 3 Lewis Thompson 804-493-8774
District 4 James L. Coates 804-224-9450
District 5 Kyle J. Schick 804-224-7230

Board of Zoning and Appeals (Meeting Calendar)

Board of Zoning and Appeals meets the fourth Monday of each month at 9:00 am

Contact the Board of Zoning and Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals hears and decides on appeals to zoning decisions and applications for variances and special exceptions allowed under the Zoning Ordinance. It also interprets the zoning map when there is a question about zoning district boundaries.

District 1 Dexter O. Monroe 804-493-1366
District 2 John Muenzen 804-472-5172
District 3 Lonnie R. Thurston 804-493-8852
District 4 James F. McConkie 804-224-8843
District 5 Margaret "Peggy" Campbell 804-224-0422
Alternate Jack O'Neil 804-472-2849

Wetlands Board (Meeting Calendar)

Wetlands Board meets the third Monday of each month at 1:30 pm

Contact the Wetlands Board

The Wetlands Board is charged with protecting and improving the water quality of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. It considers the locality portion of joint applications to the Virginia Marine Resources Commission and the Army Corps of Engineers for projects that affect tidal wetlands and navigable waters, like community piers, grading, riprap and bulkheads.

District 1 Kelvin L. Johnson, Sr. 804-472-3951
District 2 Jerry Mulholland 804-472-2311
District 3 Holly Harman 804-493-7358
District 4 Elgin Nininger 804-224-7878
District 5 Jane Gaynor Bergeron 804-239-9221


Industrial Development Authority (IDA)

Our Industrial Development Authority establishes incentives and policies for businesses to locate and grow in Westmoreland County.
The Westmoreland County IDA issues tax exempt Industrial Development Bonds (IDB) to finance new manufacturing plants or improve existing ones. IDBs are an attractive alternative to conventional financing.
-Lower interest rate. Interest earned on IDBs is exempt from federal income tax, so rates are lower than conventional loans.
-100% financing. You can fund 100% of project costs, up to $20 million.
 -Long-term financing. IDBs may have an average maturity of up to 120% of the economic life of the financed assets.

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