Westmoreland County

Montross, VA

Business Location

Located right on the edge of the Richmond-Washington-Baltimore corridor, Westmoreland County offers the best of all worlds: a top location and rock bottom costs.

Highway access. State Route 3 links directly to Interstate 95 at Fredericksburg, Virginia for easy access to lucrative east coast markets, suppliers and major transportation centers.

Low labor costs. Our average weekly wage ($503) is 48% less than the national weekly wage ($913).

Available labor. Over half of our labor force commutes outside the county to places like Fredericksburg and Northern Virginia. Outbound commuters would prefer local work if it were available. A growing number of well-educated, young retirees are open to local work opportunities, too.

Right to work. Virginia is a right to work state. There is no union activity in Westmoreland County.

Low, stable taxes. Virginia's 6 percent corporate income tax rate has not increased since 1972. Westmoreland County taxes are among the lowest in the state.

Available land. Much of our 252-square mile, rural county is undeveloped. Public water, public sewer, and fiber optic cable is in place in parts of the county. Land is still available in our 78-acre industrial park.

Available buildings. Publicly owned, 50,000 square foot shell building (expandable to 150,000 square feet) ready for occupancy.

State and local incentives. Experienced County executives will broker a custom package of federal, state and local incentives for you through our Industrial Development Authority, the Virginia Economic Development partnership, Small Business Administration and the Rural Business and Industry program.

Long-term financing. Our Industrial Development Authority can issue bonds for up to 100% of project cost and 120% of the economic life of fixed assets.

Low energy costs. The average cost per unit of electricity in our state during 2007 for the industrial sector was 4.63 cents in Virginia, compared to 6.15 cents for the nation.

For detailed data and information about the benefits of doing business in Westmoreland County, Virginia, please visit the Virginia Economic Development Partnership and our Resource Library.


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