Westmoreland County

Montross, VA

Fire & Rescue

CBVFDOver 140 trained, volunteer firefighters and emergency medical services personnel protect your property and your life in Westmoreland County using the latest equipment and techniques.

Please note that in Westmoreland-and most counties in Virginia-when you are transported to a medical center in response to a fire or rescue call, you are responsible for the cost of ambulance service. Medicaid, Medicare and private health insurance cover most medical transport costs. Hardship exemptions are available for those who are unable to pay. Proof of income is required. Download an Ambulance Fee Exemption Application or contact the Westmoreland County Treasurer's Office.

Dial 911 to report:

  • Fires
  • Accidents when someone may be seriously injured
  • Medical emergencies that could be life-threatening

Call your local Fire Department directly, on its non-emergency number, when you want to:

  • Donate money to support its activities
  • Arrange for a presentation on fire prevention
  • Request a fire prevention home inspection
  • Volunteer to join the Fire Department

Call your local Rescue Squad directly, on its non-emergency number, when you want to:

  • Sign up for CPR training
  • Donate money to support its activities
  • Volunteer to join the Rescue Squad

Volunteer Fire Departments

Colonial Beach 804-224-7255
Cople 804-472-2981
Oak Grove 804-224-0250
Westmoreland 804-493-9596

Volunteer Rescue Squads

Colonial Beach 804-224-7750
Montross 804-493-8600
Westmoreland 804-472-2632
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