Westmoreland County

Montross, VA

Electoral Board Meetings

County Administration

The County Administrator is the Chief Executive Officer of Westmoreland County. Like a CEO leads a corporation, the County Administrator manages the County government. He and his staff watch out for and address issues that can affect the health and welfare of you and your government down the road. Most importantly, the Board of Supervisors and county administrative staff work together to develop and implement the policies and procedures that make Westmoreland County a great place to live, visit or run a business.

Norm Risavi (nrisavi@westmoreland-county.org)
County Administrator

Karen E. Lewis (klewis@westmoreland-county.org)
Assistant County Administrator

LaToya Ball-Tate (lball@westmoreland-county.org)
Executive Assistant

County Attorney

The County Attorney represents and advises the Board of Supervisors, county boards and commissions, the County Administration and the county's constitutional officers in legal matters and litigation.

Richard H. Stuart (richardhstuart@verizon.net)
114 Polk St
Montross, VA 22520

Economic Development

The county's economic development efforts help local businesses prosper and expand, and give businesses compelling reasons to relocate to Westmoreland County.

Norm Risavi (nrisavi@westmoreland-county.org)
County Administrator

Emergency Services

The Department of Emergency Services oversees Emergency Management, Fire/EMS Volunteers, and Emergency Medical Services to the citizens of Westmoreland County.

Bill Cease (bcease@westmoreland-county.org)
Interim Director – Department of Emergency Services
Director – Emergency Management and Technology

Finance Department

The Finance Department manages and maintains the County Administration's financial records.

Debra Whaley  (dwhaley@westmoreland-county.org)
Finance Director

Finance Staff Specialist III (Purchasing)

Rhoda Rose (rrose@westmoreland-county.org)
Finance Staff Specialist (Payroll / Utility Billing)

Karen Foxwell (kfoxwell@westmoreland-county.org)
Accounts Payable Manager

Alexes Chatham (alee@westmoreland-county.org)
Budget Manager

Department of Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology oversees all activities related maintaining County computer systems and the Public Safety Radio System.

Bill Cease (bcease@westmoreland-county.org)
Department of Information Technology Director

Planning and Zoning

Responsible for community planning, the Department of Planning and Zoning administers the county building code and the zoning, subdivision, wetlands and erosion control ordinances.

Beth McDowell  (bmcdowell@westmoreland-county.org)

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