Departments and Offices


Responsible for community planning, the Department of Planning and Zoning administers the county building code and the zoning, subdivision, wetlands and erosion control ordinances.


Children's Services Act (CSA) Program is a collaborative system of high quality and cost effective services for at-risk children and their families.
The County Administrator is the Chief Executive Officer of Westmoreland County. Like a CEO leads a corporation, the County Administrator manages the County government.
The County Attorney represents and advises the Board of Supervisors, county boards and commissions, the County Administration and the county's constitutional officers in legal matters and litigation.


The county's economic development efforts help local businesses prosper and expand, and give businesses compelling reasons to relocate to Westmoreland County. It pays to locate in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Because when you invest in Westmoreland, we invest in you.
Emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time. The very nature of an emergency is unpredictable and can change in scope and impact.


The Finance Department manages and maintains the County Administration's financial records.


The Department of Information Technology oversees all activities related maintaining County computer systems and the Public Safety Radio System.


Thanks to a partnership with the Westmoreland Family YMCA, the County provides a wide range of recreational programs for every segment of our population.