Economic Development

The county's economic development efforts help local businesses prosper and expand, and give businesses compelling reasons to relocate to Westmoreland County.

Location and Logistics

Our strategic Mid-Atlantic location offers convenient access to key markets, suppliers and major transportation centers via Interstate 95.

Westmoreland County is located in Virginia's Northern Neck, a rural peninsula bounded by the Potomac River, the Rappahannock River, and the Chesapeake Bay. It is 65 miles northeast of Richmond, the state capital, and 80 miles southeast of Washington, D.C.

For detailed data and information about the benefits of doing business in Westmoreland County, Virginia, please visit the Virginia Economic Development Partnership and our Resource Library.

Business Climate

When Carry-On Trailer Corporation delivered its one millionth trailer, President Jay Pearson thanked the County, the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, the Northern Neck Planning District Commission-and the Enterprise Zone Program.

Governor Mark Warner kicked off Virginia Manufacturing Appreciation Week in 2005 at Potomac Supply, a highly innovative, award-winning manufacturer in Kinsale.

And when Westmoreland County's Bevans Oyster Company partnered with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences in a federally-funded experiment, they harvested oyster yields several times greater than normal,

Small businesses like Carry-On Trailer and Bevans Oyster Company thrive in Westmoreland County's pro-business climate.

Enterprise Zones. A wealth of benefits accrue to businesses located in designated zones.

Training. Affordable, custom training programs designed to meet your current and future needs are available at nearby campuses or at your business location.

Right to work. Virginia is a right to work state. There is no union activity in Westmoreland County.

Low, stable taxes. Virginia's 6 percent corporate income tax rate has not increased since 1972. Westmoreland County taxes are among the lowest in the state.

Available buildings and sites. We developed our own 78-acre industrial park where land and a ready-to-occupy shell building are available now. And there's plenty of land already zoned for business, industry and commerce located throughout the County.

Federal, State and local incentives. Experienced County executives will personally broker a custom package of federal, state and local incentives for you through our Industrial Development Authority, the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, Small Business Administration and the Rural Business and Industry program.

For detailed data and information about the benefits of doing business in Westmoreland County, Virginia, please visit the Virginia Economic Development Partnership and our Resource Library.

Economic Incentives


Our Industrial Development Authority establishes incentives and policies for businesses to locate and grow in Westmoreland County.

The Westmoreland County IDA issues tax exempt Industrial Development Bonds (IDB) to finance new manufacturing plants or improve existing ones. IDBs are an attractive alternative to conventional financing.

  • Lower interest rate. Interest earned on IDBs is exempt from federal income tax, so rates are lower than conventional loans.
  • 100% financing. You can fund 100% of project costs, up to $20 million.
  • Long-term financing. IDBs may have an average maturity of up to 120% of the economic life of the financed assets.


Over 10,500 acres in the Northern Neck are designated as Enterprise Zones. Locate your business in an Enterprise Zone and tap into a lucrative package of state and local incentives like tax credits and grants. Westmoreland County sweetens the pot with monetary incentives for businesses that

  • create 25 new full-time jobs
  • invest $250,000
  • Pay an average annual wage that's at least 125% of the average wage for our area.

Westmoreland County Enterprise Zones are located near Montross and Kinsale.


Governor's Opportunity Fund
Discretionary funds available to the Governor to secure a business location or expansion project for Virginia. Grants are awarded to localities on a local matching basis with the expectation that the grant will result in a favorable location decision for the Commonwealth.

Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP) 
A program that offers customized recruiting and training assistance to companies that are creating new jobs or experiencing technological change. The program is designed to reduce the human resource development cost of new and expanding companies.

Virginia Investment Partnership Grant Fund 
A discretionary investment performance grant program for existing Virginia manufacturers, research and development services supporting manufacturing, and large basic employers. The program is targeted to companies that have operated in Virginia for at least five years, which are proposing expansion projects meeting certain criteria.

Virginia Small Business Financing Authority (VSBFA)
The VSBFA helps Virginia's start-up, existing & prospective businesses through an extensive portfolio of financing programs. The Authority helps Virginia's financial institutions offer business loans that they might not be able to offer without assistance from this program. The VSBFA also offers grants to individual investors in qualifying small businesses. The VSBFA offers financing programs which can provide:

  • Direct loans for Economic Development projects (fixed asset purchases such as land, buildings & equipment)
  • Cash Collateral and Loan Guaranties to help Banks lend to Small Businesses
  • Microloans, Child Care Loans, and Investment Grants for Small Businesses
  • Cash Collateral, Loan Guaranties, Direct Loans, and Microloans for Existing Businesses, Minority-Owned Businesses, and Tourism Related Businesses
  • A Child Care Financing Program for Licensed Child Care Centers & Family-Home Providers
  • Bond Financing for Small Manufacturers & 501(c)(3) Non-profits

Labor & Training

Our low cost, skilled workforce is readily available and particularly well-suited to light manufacturing, call centers and back office clerical operations.

Low cost. Our average weekly wage ($503) is 48% less than the national weekly wage ($913).

Non-union. Virginia is a right to work state. Virginia has the second lowest unionization rate in the country. There is no union activity in Westmoreland County.

Available labor. Over half of our labor force commutes outside the county to places like Fredericksburg and Northern Virginia. Outbound commuters would prefer local work. We have a high concentration of clerical workers and precision production/machine operators. A large number of well-educated, young retirees are open to local work opportunities, too.

Training. Nearby Rappahannock Community College offers occupational and technical training programs designed specifically to meet local business needs. The Workforce and Community Development Department offers affordable custom training for individual businesses, regular seminars, workshops and classes.


Electricity. Dominion Virginia Power serves the Town of Colonial Beach and locations adjacent to main highways. Northern Neck Electric Cooperative serves outlying areas. The average cost per unit of electricity in Virginia's industrial sector was just 4.13 cents in Virginia, compared to 6.15 cents nationwide (2007).

Propane gas. A number of private dealers provide propane gas.

Water. Westmoreland County and the towns of Montross and Colonial Beach own and operate their own municipal water systems. Those businesses located outside the areas served by municipal water systems get their water from private water systems and individual private wells.

Sewer. Westmoreland County operates wastewater facilities in various areas throughout the county. The town of Colonial Beach also owns and operates a sewage treatment facility.

     Coles Point Sewer Map

     Montross Sewer Map

     Washington District Sewer Map

Telecommunications. Verizon Business DSL available. Metrocast telephone and internet services available.

Buildings & Sites

The Westmoreland County Industrial Park is an ideal business location for Carry-On Trailer Corporation and you. There, we not only have industrial sites with public water and sewer and high-speed DSL service, we have a 50,000 square foot shell building ready for occupancy right now. Or, you can expand it to up to 150,000 square feet.

Industrial Park Facts

Quality of Life

Westmoreland County's wide-open waters, rolling fields and vast forests are a welcome alternative to the clutter and congestion of nearby metropolitan areas. Here, you can leave work and be on your boat in a matter of minutes. More and more business owners, executives and telecommuters just can't wait for vacation, retirement or even the weekend to come to Westmoreland County. And once they're here, they're here to stay.

  • We have over 5,250 acres of pristine, waterfront parks and nature preserves that offer educational and recreational programs and activities.
  • With 250 miles of shoreline along the creeks and coves of the Potomac, Rappahannock and Yeocomico Rivers, you'll enjoy kayaking, sailing, fishing and taking in the view.
  • Our temperate climate with four distinct seasons means you can enjoy our natural resources all year long.
  • Museums and National Register of Historic Places properties are beautiful, educational and provide a stimulating outlet for volunteerism and cultural enrichment.
  • Lack of congestion, low taxes and almost no crime give you the time, money and peace of mind to enjoy Westmoreland County's remarkable natural and historic amenities with your family and friends.
  • Roadside stands offer fresh-picked, locally grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, plants and cut flowers and holiday greens year round.
  • Washington, DC and Richmond are within easy driving distance.



For detailed data and information about the benefits of doing business in Westmoreland County, Virginia, please visit the Virginia Economic Development Partnership and our Resource Library.


Northern Neck Enterprise Zone
Details state and local grants, tax credits, regulatory flexibility and local infrastructure development accorded to businesses that locate in the 10,500 acre Northern Neck Enterprise Zone. Includes maps.



Westmoreland County Industrial Park Facts