Temporary emergency shellfish area closures: Monroe Bay, Rosier Creek, Westmoreland & King George Counties

The Virginia Department of Health Division of Shellfish Safety announced today that a portion of Monroe Bay as well as a portion of Rosier Creek found in either Westmoreland and / or King George Counties is temporarily closed to shellfish harvesting due to a sewage bypass impacting water quality in these tributaries.  Due to potential microbiological pollution hazards, shellfish taken from the area affected by the emergency closure are currently unacceptable for consumption. The temporary emergency closure is effective Monday June 14, 2021, and is scheduled to reopen effective Monday July 5, 2021. 

A map and report of each of the affected areas is posted on the Division of Shellfish Safety's home page at www.vdh.virginia.gov/Shellfish/.  The affected shellfish are bivalve mollusks including oysters and clams, but not crabs or finfish. 

For more information on shellfish closures, see the frequently asked questions on shellfish condemnations at http://www.vdh.virginia.gov/environmental-health/shellfish-sanitation/frequently-asked-questions/.  

Daniel Powell, GISP
Classification Assistant / GIS Analyst
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