Bay Aging COVID-19 Public Service Announcement

With the rising prevalence of Coronavirus (COVID 19), Governor Northam has advised for all individuals 65+ and other high-risk individuals to self-quarantine. This creates great concern for many seniors and other self-quarantined individuals in our area about how they will access groceries, medications, and other needed services or supplies. Bay Aging is working to help address these concerns by setting up our Community Volunteer and Request for Assistance link on the Bay Aging Facebook page: .

If you are interested in helping your neighbors stay fed and have access to much needed services/supplies during this crisis, or if you are quarantined/home-bound and need assistance, please fill out the following form and we will connect volunteers with those in need. Please note, this service is available to ANY AGE, not just seniors.

Volunteer/Help Form:

If you do not have a Facebook account, you can also complete the form by going to the following link:

Completing the request form is easy:

 Sign onto your Facebook account

  1. Type in Bay Aging in the Search box and it will come up.
  2. Scroll to entry referencing Coronavirus and complete the Community Volunteer and Request for Assistance form (posted 3/17/20).
  3. If you  do not have Facebook, you can email and the completed form will be posted to the above referenced site.

Currently, Bay Aging is still providing Meals on Wheels deliveries to our existing recipients. This is a community service that Bay Aging is providing for information purposes only. This is strictly a VOLUNTEER service and reimbursements of any kind will not be provided by Bay Aging. Bay Aging has not conducted and will not conduct any background checks or any other investigations pertaining to the volunteers providing these services or the recipients. Participants should refer to CDC guidelines and use these services at their discretion.

Please visit Bay Aging’s Facebook page as new information is posted.