Westmoreland Courts

Westmoreland County Courts are part of the Commonwealth of Virginia's court system. The three county courts are located Westmoreland County Judicial Center at 175 Polk Street in Montross. Depending on the nature of your case, you may be able to appeal local court decisions to the Virginia Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Virginia.


In General District Court, a judge (not a jury) hears cases that involve county law violations, misdemeanors, traffic offenses and monetary claims where the amount in question is not more than $15,000. The court also holds preliminary hearings to determine whether there is enough evidence to hold a defendant for a grand jury hearing. Judgments and court orders may be appealed to the Circuit Court. The Virginia General Assembly elects General District Court judges for 8-year terms.

John S. Martin, Judge
Laura S. Morgan, Clerk


This court hears criminal and traffic charges brought against defendants who are under 18. It also handles matters that affect a child's health and welfare, such as abuse, neglect and abandonment and family custody, visitation and support disputes. Cases involving children are heard on a confidential basis. Decisions may be appealed to the Circuit Court. The Virginia General Assembly elects Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court judges for 6-year terms.

William L. Lewis, Judge
John Franklin, Judge
Christina Viviers, Clerk


The circuit court handles civil cases, criminal cases, divorce proceedings and appeals from the General District Court, Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court and administrative agencies. It hears civil cases with claims of more than $15,000 and shares authority with the General District Court for cases that involve claims with a value of $4,500 to $15,000. The court decides cases that involve felonies and misdemeanors originating from a grand jury indictment. The Virginia General Assembly appoints Circuit Court judges for 6-year terms.

Herbert M. Hewitt, Judge
Anne B. Garner, Clerk