License & Vehicle Fees

If you garage, store or park your vehicle in Westmoreland County and drive it regularly on public roads in the County, you need a vehicle license.

Annual County Vehicle License Fees

  • Cars & Trucks $40.75
  • Motorcycles $28.75
  • Trailers $18.00
  • Farm Vehicles $20.38
  • Heavy Duty Vehicles $51.75
  • Motorhomes $45.75

Please note that the County does not handle state vehicle registration or driver’s licenses. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles provides those services.

Business License Fee

Businesses operating in Westmoreland County are required to purchase a business license from the Commissioner of the Revenue for $30.00.

Dog Tags

All dogs that are kept in Westmoreland County must get a new tag every year. Dog tags go on sale at the County Treasurer’s office on October 1 and are due by December 31 of each year. You must bring a current rabies vaccination certificate with you to purchase a dog tag.

Annual Dog Tag Fees

  • Single dog, spayed or neutered $5.00
  • Single dog, all others dogs $10.00
  • Kennel - up to 20 dogs $40.00
  • Kennel - 20 to 50 dogs $50.00


Sue Nash Jones, Treasurer

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 730
Montross, VA 22520