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2022-2023 Hang Tag Procedures & Disposal Fees


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2022-2023 Tax Rates

2022-2023 Tax Rates

The Treasurer is the county's chief financial officer. The Treasurer's Office collects county real estate and personal property taxes, fees and state income and estimated income tax payments, makes payments and invests county funds. It also sells county vehicle licenses and dog licenses.

2021 Delinquent Tax Lists


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Your tax payments support education and public services in Westmoreland County–and are vital to our community’s well-being and growth.

The tax process has two parts, assessment and billing, that are handled by two different County offices:

  • The Commissioner of the Revenue assesses real estate and personal property, determines eligibility for tax relief and processes state tax returns.
  • The Treasurer collects Westmoreland County real estate and personal property taxes.

How Taxes Are Assessed

The Commissioner of the Revenue assesses real estate and personal property taxes as of January 1 of each year. If you have a question about the assessed value of your real estate or personal property, contact the Commissioner of the Revenue.  For information, call 493-0113.

How Taxes Are Billed

The Treasurer applies the applicable tax rate to the assessment and mails your tax bills the following September. Payment is due by December 5.

If you have questions about the amount of your tax bill or outstanding balance, view your account or contact the Treasurer.

How to Make County Tax Payments

Make your check payable to “Treasurer, Westmoreland County.” Mail or hand-deliver your payment to:

Westmoreland County Treasurer
George D. English Building
111 Polk Street
P.O. Box 730
Montross, VA 22520

Online payments also accepted.

Do You Qualify for Tax Relief?

Real estate tax exemptions are available for qualified elderly and disabled county residents. Car, motorcycle and pickup or panel truck owners may qualify for car tax relief. To learn more, read the Tax Relief Ordinance.

To apply for the Real Estate Exemption for Elderly and/or Disabled Homeowners, download and complete the Real Estate Tax Exemption form and return it to the Commissioner of the Revenue.  For more information, call 493-0113.