Water & Sewer

Child drinking a glass of clean water


The towns of Montross and Colonial Beach have public water systems that serve residents and businesses within their limits.

  • Town of Colonial Beach         804-224-7181
  • Town of Montross                   804-493-9623
  • Westmoreland County           804-493-0130 
    (Route 3 corridor from Town of Montross to Templeman’s Crossroad)

Private water systems serve many communities in Westmoreland County. Contact your community association for more information. Municipal water service is available to various areas in Westmoreland County including the Town of Colonial Beach and the Town of Montross.


Westmoreland County serves the Town of Montross and the corridor that runs south along Route 3 to Templeman’s Crossroads. Additionally, Westmoreland County serves the Coles Point and Washington District areas with public wastewater services.

The Town of Colonial Beach operates a sewage treatment facility for its homes and businesses.

Outside of these areas, you must have a private septic system to dispose of wastewater. Before you install a new septic system, the Three Rivers Health District-Environmental Health Services needs to determine if your soil will support a septic system. You also must get a Septic Permit from the Health Department’s Environmental Health Division.