Family Services

woman holding smiling child

Family Services Unit

The Family Service Unit handles Child Welfare, Adult Protective Services, and Adult Services.  The goal of each of these programs is to promote the safety and stability of vulnerable populations and families in our community.

Child Welfare Services include Child Protective Services, Prevention Services, Foster Care and Adoption services.

Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services serve to assess or investigate alleged abuse, neglect, or exploitation of children under the age of 18 years old by a caretaker.  Child Protective Services strives to identify needs and assist the family in meeting those needs with a goal of preserving and strengthening the family unit. 

Prevention Services

Prevention Services are offered to families to prevent circumstances that could lead to child abuse, neglect, or exploitation.  Prevention services are also provided to families with children who are at risk of entering foster care with the goal of preventing foster care.

Foster Care 

Foster Care provides services, substitute care, and supervision for a child on a 24-hour basis until the child can return to his or her family or be placed with relatives, an adoptive home, or another placement that will provide permanent safety and stability for the child.

Interested in Becoming a Resource Parent for Foster Children?

Anyone interested in becoming a Resource Parent for foster children, please contact Westmoreland County Department of Social Services at (804) 493-9305.

Adoption Services

Adoption services assist with the placement of a child in need of a permanent family with persons who have been approved for adoption.

Adult Services 

Adult Services include state mandated Adult Protective Services and non-mandated Adult Services.

Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services serve to investigate alleged abuse, neglect, or exploitation of adults aged 60 or over or disabled adults ages 18-59. Adult Protective Services strives to identify needs and assist the adult and his or her caregivers in locating appropriate services to prevent abuse, neglect, or exploitation from occurring or reoccurring.

Adult Services

Adult Services are services provided to adults who meet financial need requirements with programs and assistance with their activities of daily living, locating care facilities, and with locating other services that help meet unmet needs.